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What is Indoor Flying?

As a club we fly from Camborne School during the Wintry months inside the Sports Hall taking part in an activity called 'Indoor Flying'. Smaller models of both RC Helicopters and RC Planes can be flown (as well as special lightweight craft).


So just flying indoors then?

Practically - yes. However there are differences to flying indoors than outdoors. Firstly you're constrained by the size of the venue, hence the need for smaller models. Then you no longer are affected by the weather and elements outside. It could be howling outside with a terrible rain storm but inside you could still be flying - except for the danger of getting wet between your vehicle and the hall doors!

However, there is an added complication. As we are now flying indoors we no longer have one surface to worry about, but in fact 6 (walls, ceiling and floor) and if you take a peek at our Indoor Flying Gallery you will notice that's not the only obstacles! Indoor 'furniture' such as netting and windowsills can become perilous spots to trap the unwary model resulting in 'RC Rescue Missions'.


Anything else I should know?

RDMFC currently charge a small fee, set each year, per session for Indoor Flying when it is held. The sessions are weekly and the next dates will be advertised on our Events Calendar as soon as they are announced by the club. You do not have to be a member of RDMFC (although you're more than welcome to join) to fly, however you should hold BMFA insurance. If you're interested in finding out more, why not contact us or attend the next session? Want to know where else we fly? We hope to see you flying soon!